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Gorgeous young blonde babe Kaley Cuoco sure is every geeks wet dream come true. To be honest when I first started watching The Big Bang Theory she was the only reason I bothered tuning in. Now I love the show too and thinks it’s one the funniest sitcoms on at the moment. Of course I still watch to see sexy Kaley light up the screen too!

Kaley Cuoco topless

Being the pervert I am I went a digging for hot photos of Kaley and stumbled upon these nudes of her at a site called Dirty Teen Celebrities. Now I know what you are thinking – “are these real?”. Well, no they aren’t. They are fakes but I don’t think we are going to see Kaley Cuoco do any nudity anytime soon so this just may be the closest you are going to get.

Kaley Cuoco nude

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Some really nice photos for you today of pretty young actress in a bikini. I saw her on a talk show recently and was really surprised by how funny and well spoken she was. It didn’t hurt that she looked amazingly sexy too. Selena just turned 18 a few months back too and after seeing these pictures you have to admit the former child actress has grown up real nice.

Selena Gomez bikini

I gotta praise this paparazzi for capturing some great candid shots of Selena at the beach. The cute brunette looks like she has having a lot of fun and as I keep saying she looks nice in her little swimsuit.

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Vanessa Anne Hudgens is no stranger to controversy and has probably had more of it in her short career than most celebrities will have in their entire lifetime. The famous teen has had scandal after scandal with those leaked nude pictures of her which set the internet alight with excitement. The High School Musical babe took it all in her stride though and if anything it has only served to make her even more of a teen starlet.

Vanessa Hudgens nude

Vanessa Hudgens fakes

These nude pictures of the pretty dark haired actress are fakes but I like them better than the real thing. Of course these are much more explicit than the rather tame real ones. I like the Vanessa Hudgens porn fake where she is sucking on a big cock. I wonder if she is dreaming of Zac Efron while she gobbles that hot dick!

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A different type of update for us today. We’ve decided to open up a new category to the site devoted to celebrity teens. We are kicking off this new category with one of the sexiest teen actresses around – the beautiful Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. The gorgeous 18 year old has both incredible looks and a hot little body.

Emma Watson fake

We’ve seen her have one or two wardrobe malfunctions recently and give us a quick glimpse of her panties but there are tens of millions of guys world wide that just wanna see this famous babe in the nude. Well you really aren’t gonna see her go naked for a role anytime soon… she’s just not the type. The one and only you can see Emma Watson nude is via celebrity fakes like this from the infamous Celeb Defamer site.

Emma Watson nude

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