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The new era of social media and smart phones with cameras have been a God send. Seems every little hottie is only too keen to take pics of herself to share with the internet. They are little attention whores bought up idolizing celebrities who do the same. What that means for us is a tonne of hot photos of sexy young amateur teens!

little hotties

Check out these girls as a prime example. The first two are dolled up in their bedroom trying to make themselves look all hot and sexy. I think they succeeded. Those tiny skirts may as well be belts they are so damn short.

self shot booty

The next girl is doing the famous over the shoulder self shot booty pic. Maybe for her boyfriend or maybe for anyone lucky enough to be on her Facebook.

drunk pics

And lastly these two best friends seemed to have had a few too many drinks and are having fun in front of their cam!

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As much as we all love porn sometimes there is nothing better than getting an eyeful of some random hot teen chick. I love looking at all the naughty Facebook pics some girls put on their accounts. Here’s three random self shots of just what I am talking about.

facebook cleavage

The first image is one of my favorites. Although you don’t see her whole face the way she is licking her lips and the bountiful cleavage on show is a killer combo. Some will scream “Facebook angle” and say this girl is probably fat. Fuck the haters, she looks plenty hot to me.

jailbait teen

The second pic has a skinny little blonde jailbait teen. She looks like this cutie I see at the bus stop in the morning. It’d be a treat to find her twitter or fb and see pictures of her in her bra and panties like this naughty blond teen.

smoking hot teen

Last but by no means least is a really smoking hot babe. There’s a whole series of self taken photos of this beautiful teenager in various stages of undress.

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I tell ya one of the best things about the internet is the massive popularity of the big social networking sites. Combine that with cheap digital cameras and camera phones and there are a whole lot of teen girls that like to post self shots of themselves. I have seen some amazingly hot girls on Youtube and Facebook over the years. Of course a lot of these girls accounts get flagged and suspended because the pictures are too revealing.

girls self shots

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teen girlfriends

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You know I do a lot of driving on highways and freeways and have seen tonnes of girls with their thumb out looking to hitch a ride. I have even picked up quite a few of the cuter ones in the hope I get a real wild child who wants to play. Usually it doesn’t work out like that and the best I get in return is an eyeful of legs in short skirts or some cleavage. One time I had this Dutch girl give me a handjob for my trouble but that was the best I got.

Zaylen Skye

If I ever saw a a hot little teen as sexy as Zaylen Skye hitchhiking I would stop for her in a heart beat. Just the prospect of nailing her sweet little ass makes my head spin. Check out these pics of her getting fucked good and proper by her handsome driver as he gives her the ride of her life.

teen hitchhiker sex

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Wow, just wow. I want to say I really enjoyed previewing the pictures for todays post here at Teen Models Paradise. Let me introduce you to the Spice Twins. These two gorgeous latina teen models are smoking hot with sultry looks and very curvy figures that south american girls are famous for. These young latin babes are just mesmorizing to look at and in this free picture gallery the girls are in their little cut off t-shirts and denim shorts and are going what girls do at a teen car wash.

spice twins latina teens

Both these bubble butt latina teens have got the type of curvy voluptuous young figures that really fill out their little outfits. Big teen tits, flat smooth bellies and those juicy bubble bootys give these two twin sister models a lovely hourglass figure. These preview pics of the girls washing a car and fooling around with the hose really makes for some nice eye candy. Mmm big tit teens in short cutoff t-shirts plus water… you know what that equals right? Wet t-shirt time. Both these latino teenage girls are pretty big breasted and watching those big teen titties bounce around in their skimpy wet tshirts gave me some major trouser wood. After a while they slip out of the tshirts all together and take of their shorts too and just fool around in a thong. Man, both these girls have glorious bubble butts and boy do they look good in their g-string panties.

Things get a lot hotter in their members section. The video from this set would have any latina teen lover reaching for the tissues and hand lotion! These pics of them are just a small peek at what their members area has to offer. Be sure to visit them and take a look at the free video trailer of these two latina teen models in action. Members also get full access to the latina teen megasite Lazona Modelos thrown in free upon signing up. We’ve featured that site before and it’s absoutely loaded with some of the most equisite latin teens I’ve seen. It’s a massive site with a tonne of high quality pics and videos.

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Wow, I never tire of seeing pictures of sexy blonde teen hottie Ashleigh. This girl has got a gorgeous face with big green eyes and that long blonde hair. And as you can see in these .jpgs of Ashligh in her tiny string bikini by the pool she’s also got a seriously nice body. Big double D tits, a tiny waist and a really nice bubblebutt that looks so good in that tiny g-string bikini bottom.

bikini teen

Ashleigh is the type of teenage bikini babe that has grown men driven to distraction and drooling at the beach or swimming pools. An 18 year old girl as hot and pretty as Ashleigh certainly turns heads, especially when she’s wearing her tiny red bikini. Just lying by the pool with the sun shining down on her silky smooth skin and that pretty face guys were just about walking into posts as they couldn’t take their eyes off her.

If you want to see the rest of Ashleighs pictures head over to her site. There’s thousands and thousands of high res images of this gorgeous blonde teen model. She does topless shots in her members area so you get to see those juicy double D boobies of hers.

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One of my favorite solo teen models is Christine Conners a sassy blonde hottie with a super body. This teen has one hell of a juicy bubble butt as you can see from the pics below. In this free gallerie Christine looks hawt as hell is her tiny pink g-string panties with her luscious booty bulging out of it. I really like the pictures of her grabbing and squeezing those phat cheeks, but I wish it was me groping those creamy cakes of hers. The rest of her nubile young body is not too shabby either. Pert young titties a flat tummy and a smooth pink pussy.

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christine conners bubble butt teen

christine conners bubble butt teen

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