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Every single one of us that enjoys all the hot self taken photos that girls take of themselves and put up on their Facebook or Twitter should thanks our lucky stars they ever invented phones with cameras. Most chicks wouldn’t bother snapping half these sorts of pics if they had to find a real camera.

flashing boobs

We have posted a bit of this sort of stuff lately because… well, because I love it! Nothing like seeing cute every day teen girls flashing their boobs to get the blood pumping. Here’s another selection of sexy young teens showing of their big breasts to the internet.

topless self shot

Not all of these self shots were meant to be seen by everyone though you should understand. Many are taken just for the girls boyfriend or they think they have them hidden from public, but the Watch My GF manages to get them all. I think this adds to the thrill of seeing these pictures to be honest.

big breasts

As mentioned these topless self pics are from Watch My GF. Become a member tosee over 8,000Gb worth of it and score yourself free bonus membership to all the sites in their GF Network.

I feel for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere right now. We are just entering summer here and all the hot teen girls are wearing next to nothing when they are out and about and practically nothing on the beach. I am very much looking forward to this summer!

hot topless blonde

You poor guys have got a long cold winter ahead of you but you can still at least feel like you are at the beach by looking at pictures like these of some really gorgeous young ladies topless at the beach. It always warms me up on a cold day to browse through their site.

sexy beach girl

All their pics and videos are taken candidly too so none of the girls are posing or are even aware they are being filmed. This makes the pics so much hotter IMO and makes you feel like you are right down there on the sand next to them.

You can find loads more at their site I Love The Beach. Tonnes of high quality photos and hundreds of 720p video too! Become a member to see all of their sexy beach teens.

Oh how I love summer! If I was a substantially richer man I would just travel all year and avoid winters all together. I particularly love spending summer in Europe as the beaches their are just magic. On a hot summers day they are just teaming with gorgeous girls sunbathing topless or nude. It is pure eye candy let me tell you.

rubbing breasts

When i get back I always miss the days spent watching these beautiful young women glistening in the sun or dripping wet as they emerge from the ocean. I found the site I Love The Beach which has tonnes of candid beach photos and videos that they film at many of the same beaches I have visited.

big boobs tanlines

I don’t know how the hell they get so close up on the girls without them noticing. I’m guessing a long zoom lens. You really feel you are right there next to them as they rub lotion onto their breasts or flip over to tan their bottom.

hd beach videos

I particularly like their high def videos. High quality 720p footage really makes you feel like you are right there. The have a massive amount of them too and I still haven’t worked my way through them all. Oh well gives me plenty to do during winter!

If you like this stuff then be sure to check out I Love The Beach.

As summer is a mere memory now for most of us and the cold winter kicks in it makes me miss the holiday I had visiting the many beaches of Europe. Man I have never seen so many hot topless teen girls than I did those two weeks! So many gorgeous girls with their big tits out getting some sun was the best looking scenery I saw my whole trip.

When I got back from my trip I went searching for a site someone told me about called I Love The Beach. These guys film at many of the topless beaches. Turns out this was just what I was looking for. Their videos are very high quality and they zoom in nice and close on the girls. You really feel like you are there!

Check out a couple of trailers that show you just a fraction of some of their candid beach movies. Believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg. They have loads of these videos as they have been filming women with their high tech spy cameras for years. Treat yourself to a membership and download them all!

See more topless teens at I Love The Beach

Today we’ve got a couple of the gorgeous European teen models from the seemingly bottomless pit of beauties at 8Teenies Pass. These two girls caught my attention whilst browsing their site yesterday. Both are stunningly beautiful with rockin’ bodies.

pretty girl

The pretty brunette with the pigtails and piercing blue eyes just lights up the screen don’t you think? She is absolutely beautiful and her personality shines through in her hot photo sets and videos. Take a look at these free samples from one of her sets and check out that sweet smile and luscious young body.

busty russian teen

The other Euro girl we are featuring today is a hot Russian teen, and as you can see from the picture above this girl has some seriously big titties! Not just big either, they are so fucking perky and sit really high and proud on her chest. So very suckable! Take a look at the free previews from one of her sets (there are several in the 8Teenies Pass members area) to see more of her incredible figure.

You can see plenty more of both these girls and over 500 more hot Euro teens at 8Teenies Pass. Members get access to hundreds of thousands of HQ photos and hundreds of videos of the most stunning young models from all over Europe.

A sweet set of photos today of a very cute chick next door type of girl Emily 18. Emily is the kind of girl that is down to earth and “real”. She could be the pretty teenage girl that sells you tickets at the cinema or rides on the same bus as you on the way to work. But this teen beauty also has a secret wild side. She is an exhibitionist at heart and loves to show off her body on the net through her website. God bless you internets!!


emily topless in panties

In this set of pictures we see little Emily laze around in bed in only her hot pink panties and socks. She takes her top off so we can see her perfect young breasts and her beautiful flat stomach. Never a more perfect flat and sexy tummy have I seen than hers! As for the panties they are a tease aren’t they? Wouldn’t you like to see the pretty young pussy lips that you know are tantalizingly close underneath that think layer of fabric?

Note the high resolution and high quality of the photos of Emily. That’s something I truly love about Emily’s site. The photos are crisp and very detailed and really show off the natural beauty of this gorgeous teen. You may think these pics are a little tame but Emily 18 likes to save the really raunchy videos and pix for her members. Join her site to see a whole lot more!

See more at Emily 18

Seems young Dawson Miller is one of the most requested teens we’ve ever featured here at Teen Models Paradise. Understandably this bubbley and ultra cute babe has the look and the personality that makes guys gaga. Or maybe it’s her awesome rack lol. Whatever it it there is definately something about Dawson.


This set of free pics features Dawson fooling around in the snow in her backyard. Although it’s cold as fuck it’s not long before Dawsons flashing her boobs for the cameras and teasing the guys. She even lowers her pants and flashes that perfect teenage pussy.

As much as she loves to tease Dawson shows everything in her members area pictures and videos. They get to see plenty of Dawson nude and there are new pics and movies added all the time. Be sure to pay her a visit and check her site for the free Dawson video.

See more at Dawson Miller

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