From Nice to Naughty: The Five Types of Clients Escorts Meet

A lot of men are attracted to the idea of hiring female escorts Sydney has to offer—and for good reason.

With the conveniences of having someone to keep them company and even share intimate time with without the word commitment hanging on top of their heads like a noose, men can easily live out their deepest fantasies and wildest desires, all in the spirit of pure fun and nothing else.

But what exactly are the types of clients that escorts get to date and spend time with?

The Man with the Ring

This type of client is also known as Mr. Nice Guy, and it’s easy to know why.

He has a ring on his finger, after all, and he knows how to treat a woman well even if he’s paying for her services. He is all about a completely intimate experience where, more than sex, he also feels a sense of comfort from his escort.

Mr. Nice Guy is the client that a lot of female escorts Sydney offers dream of having because he makes sure that his escort is comfortable and will never force her to do anything that’s against her will.

The Man Who Takes Charge

This is Christian Grey personified. Mr. Dominant loves to take charge in bed and finds satisfaction in doing things that heat up what could be an ordinary sexual encounter.

Female escorts Sydney has to offer who love a good adventure would want to be booked by this type of client because he dictates the level of action in bed.

The Man Who Craves for More

This type of client is also known as Mr. One Night Stand all because he doesn’t usually stick with just one escort. He is always on the lookout for new and fresh girls and will not think twice in booking them whenever he can.

He is not the type to book a girl twice just because he was satisfied with her service. After his urge is satisfied, he loses interest in the girl and will want to move on to the next one.

Some men also do this to avoid emotional attachment to their escorts.

The Man Who Takes It Easy

If some men love to take charge in the bedroom, this type of client is all about letting his escort do the job. Mr. Submissive loves an escort who knows the art of BDSM, and he’s up for anything that his escort will want to try with him.

The Man Who Sticks to One

If Mr. One Night Stand can’t wait to get his hands on the newest girl in town, Mr. Regular is all about staying with one escort that he’s comfortable spending time with. This type of client is more than just about satisfying his sexual urges. He’s also looking for authentic companionship and a good professional relationship with his escorts.

Are you Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. One Night Stand, or Mr. Dominant? You may like it easy or rough, relaxing or intense. Whatever your preferences are, there is surely an escort for you.…

Things to Do When Going to Strip Clubs for the First-time

“How to find strip clubs near me?” This is normally a common question for most blokes who have never gone to a gentlemen’s club before. Nevertheless, time will come when you’ll want to explore this sensual side of adulthood.

It is fine to feel nervous at first. You still have no clear picture of how you should act or what to do in an adult club. Furthermore, you do not know how much you are going to spend or how you will interact with strippers. Having heard a lot of bad things about these places will surely make you feel a bit panicky.  However, you mustn’t feel this way.

Strip clubs are places where you can behave maturely and even respectfully. Besides, you will most certainly have a lot of fun.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for this new experience.

Ask around and research

The internet is a modern convenience that you should take advantage of. Just type into Google or any search engine the phrase, “strip clubs near me” and you will find a complete list of all the nightclubs in town. This is much better than going directly to a local club without prior knowledge. Since the clubs listed online are operating legally, you will have the guarantee that you will not run into trouble when going there.

On the other hand, you can ask a few of your best mates for recommendations. Usually, they have an idea of where you must go. Bring them with you if you must. This new experience must be shared with your friends.

Bring enough cash with you

Once you spotted the perfect place to go, don’t forget to stash your wallet with enough cash for the entire night. Usually, $50 to $90 dollars are a decent amount to carry with you. This will be enough to cover expenses on cover charges, drinks, and dancers. However, you must remember that some clubs require you to buy drinks every 30 minutes or so. Since you could end up paying additional charges when withdrawing from a club’s ATM, bring more cash.

Beware of the rules

Touching the strippers and dancers could mean being booted out of the premises. In order to stay out of trouble, make sure that you ask about the rules and keep them in mind.

Never forget to tip the strippers

It is necessary to be generous and throw down at least a dollar or more when a girl performs on stage. Although you are not required to tip every stripper, you still have to buy drinks every once in a while or you will be asked to leave.

Know what a lap dance is

A typical lap dance costs $20 dollars or more. The price may not include additional fees for DJs and other add-ons. The cost will also be different for a private lap dance.

Going to a strip club for the first time might be nerve-wracking. However, you must not forget to relax and have fun throughout your visit. If you do feel nervous, just simply ask. Nothing’s wrong when you ask which things you can do and can’t do in a gentlemen’s club.  

The Best Strip Clubs to Find in Fortitude Valley

The night is young, and you and your buddies are looking for some fun. If you are in the mood to get a little wild with provocative Australian babes, what the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has in store will definitely make your night a little extra exciting. Amazing drinks, sexy strip teases, and exotic dance performers are what you will find in these strip clubs, not to mention a guaranteed unforgettable experience that will make you come back for more.

Here is a list of the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has in store for you:

Love & Rockets
If you are looking for a place to celebrate a big night out, Love & Rockets has everything for the clientele, from sultry dancers to exotic dance shows. During your visit, you can also avail of great deals that come with offers, like a complimentary booth, bottle of spirits, and exclusive entry to more exciting strip clubs near you. Swing by 693 Ann St., Fortitude Valley to experience a night you will never forget. Who knows what the ladies inside have in store for your personal pleasure.

Number 29 Cruise Club
Just like the women, men know how to bring an irresistible performance for their clientele. For men who are looking for some rowdy fun with the same sex, Number 29 Cruise Club, also known as Brisbane’s gay cruise club, has a lot in store for a steamy experience. During your visit, you get to experience things like a a nudie dance party, a saddle room, and a ‘suckatorium’; who knows what goes on inside those facilities? Not to mention, Number 29 promotes cleanliness with free lube and condoms provided.

OMFGs Adult Lounge
When the ladies get naked on stage, then you know that the night will become exceptional. Here in OMFG, you will get the complete set of quality fast flowing drinks and exciting bucks parties packages and be in a room filled with Brisbane’s most gorgeous strippers. OMFG is also the ideal place to celebrate a groom-to-be’s last night of freedom where strippers will blow the bachelors’ minds with an experience they will never forget. OMFGs Adult Lounge is located at 367 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley.

This is the list of the best strip clubs Fortitude Valley has in store for a customer’s unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to dress decently when entering a strip club and always treat a dancer with respect, for she will do the same.…

Not-to-Do List for Your Bucks Party

A bucks night or a bucks party is part of the Australian tradition which is usually celebrated a day before the wedding (but some have it a week prior). It can be a daytime, nighttime, or weekender event. Bucks parties may take a lot of work to organise, but they are an essential part of weddings since these celebrations remain in the memories of the groom and his mates for the rest of their lives.

If you’re the designated best man and want to come up with a memorable bucks party for the groom-to-be, then you need to learn about the dos and don’ts below.

Don’t go overseas for a bucks party.

It can be tempting to go somewhere outside the country so you can turn the celebration into a quick holiday too. Indonesia, for example, is quite near Australia and boasts of the heavenly and romantic Bali Island. However, as beautiful as it may be, planning to celebrate the bucks night there might not be the best idea.

It takes a lot more preparation and you can face plenty of problems. There are the issues of passport expirations and renewals, delayed flights, and budget and logistics–everything might end up as one big mess.

Instead, go somewhere local.

If you live in a big and bustling city like Brisbane, then you’ll find plenty of fantastic places as a venue for the party. If you’re looking for a hot gentlemen’s club, then the Candy Club is just the place to go. It has everything you need to have an unforgettable bucks party, so make sure to check out what they offer. The planning and budgeting can also be much more manageable when you hold the event somewhere near.

Don’t play paintball.

Paintball shooting is another exciting bucks party idea you can enjoy with the guys. However, it is not the best thing to do when the groom has to be at the altar the next day. You don’t want to see him tying the knot with bruises and in extreme pain, right?

Instead, play a virtual reality alternative.

Shooting virtual zombies or playing other VR games is an excellent option. You may not experience the ‘realness’ of shooting and getting shot at that paintball shooting can give you, but at least no one will end up with aches and bruises after the game.

Don’t go to a casino.

It can be fun to sit at a poker table and enjoy sipping your booze in casinos. But it won’t be so enjoyable when you make one bad bet after the other and end up broke in a matter of minutes. Unless you want to end up in deep debt, better stay out of those places.

Instead, go to a gentlemen’s club!

This is where the buck and his mates can get the ultimate night of his life. A bucks night inside a gentlemen’s club will make you a different man for the rest of your life! You don’t only get a nice view of gorgeous women, you can also hire your own private poker table with topless dancers and waitresses (if you want to). And, all costs are much more affordable and manageable compared to spending the night in a casino.

Avoid social media.

After all the planning and eventually, getting the bucks party done, it is always a better option to stick to the golden rule of “what happens at the party, stays at the party”. To make this simple: stay away from social media throughout the course of the party. You don’t want your nasty pictures circulating the web, do you?

Instead, keep it in your memory.

You can still take photos but just don’t post them on Facebook or Instagram. And even if you don’t have pictures, everyone will surely have so many awesome memories about the craziest bucks party they attended, thanks to you. Plus, you’ll have a lot more fun reminiscing and sharing your ‘bucks night secrets’ together with the guys when you get together again.…

5 Reasons Brisbane’s Adult Lounges Are Awesome

Do you want a ripsnorter of a party? When it comes to carousing with your best blokes, a Brisbane adult lounge is the most fantastic place to go.

You do not have to drink with the flies and be gloomy. Look forward to the weekends to de-stress and forget about your stressful job. So call in your mates and hit the turps at the city’s best joints. You have all the reasons to go to strip clubs for a fun night.

Best Seats for Watching Games

Most men are crazy about sports — rugby, football, polo, you name it. Yet no matter how great a game is, the viewing experience usually ruins everything. When you can’t get the best TV reception at home for the sports night, head out to a Brisbane adult lounge for the best seats.

Imagine how comfortable it will be for you and your friends. You will no longer have to complain about bad reception or a crowd in a small room. When you go to gentlemen’s clubs, you can have a huge room for watching important sports events. Who wants to miss out the Olympics or the Rugby World Cup? You won’t, that’s for sure.

Boundless Drinks

There is nothing better than watching sports TV while drinking beer with your best mates. While you have your eyes glued on the telly, you might also want to hit the turps with some Carlton Draught or Johnny Walker. Perhaps you have your own favourites. It’s your shout by the way.

Bevy of Beauties

Drinks are not the only things on offer. Adult lounges also hold a room full of beauties. From brunettes to blondes, you will surely lay your eyes on some of the best sights in town. Even though this might make it hard for you to concentrate on the game, you will most definitely have the best time of your life. Just remember that they are all for your eyes only. Also, do not try taking one of them home or you will surely get into trouble.

Booming Music

Parties won’t be fun without music. And it must not be just any kind of music. When you want to show off your dance skills or probably just enjoy a pole dancing show with your blokes, nothing beats a tune that can keep your feet tapping. Club music will absolutely keep your energies up for the whole night.

Best Bucks Parties

Every Brizzie knows that the best buck’s parties are at strip clubs. These – hands down – have the most awesome adult entertainment for all of your blokes to have a fun and enjoy a wild night. You get boundless drinks and even get the best women around to keep you and your mates good company. It’s a guarantee that they are no Sheila.

The Brisbane adult lounge is perfect for merrymaking and get-togethers. If you have the weekend planned out for your friends, head out to the coolest strip clubs in town. Nothing is more satisfying than spending time with people that matter.

How to Bring Back the Spark in the Bedroom?

You and your partner were once very active with your sex life but, somehow, the fire has simmered down. The change is getting to you and you want nothing more than to get that same feeling back.

If only you could bring the sexiness of the best strip clubs into your own bedroom, right? Did you know that this is not impossible to achieve?

Keeping the spark bright is essential for an exciting relationship day by day. It brings you and your partner closer together and keeps you both intimate with each other; like a magnet to metal. Seeing how important intimacy is, you need the best advice that you can get.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to keep the sexiness in the bedroom going.

Explore Your Fantasies

Sexiness in the bedroom is not only limited to the things that you are used to but also about what’s beyond your wildest imaginations. No matter how much you deny it, you always have a secret fantasy that you would want to explore. Talk it out with your partner because this may be the key to saving the dying spark in your sexual life.

Be Playful during Foreplay

Kissing and touching are not the only starters for the actual deed. There are other things that you can do if you only let your fantasies flow freely. Perhaps you can recreate the best strip clubs you’ve been to and play-pretend as a stripper. Give your partner a lap dance, a bit of a strip tease, or a sexy pole dance. On another note, you may actually go together as a couple to a strip club. Let the stripper on stage and the club’s atmosphere provide a steamy precursor to a long and sexy night in your bedroom.

Practice Spontaneity

Don’t miss out on the chances that you get your hands into. If you have the opportunity to be spontaneous in bed, use it to your advantage. The element of surprise is sure to fuel the dying fire in your sex life. It adds hotness to the act and gives you and your partner an equal opportunity to just give in to your feelings. Give in to the lust. Give in to the carnal desires you feel at the moment.

From turning your bedroom into your own mini strip club to taking your partner by surprise, the tips above are just your guide to the things you can do. Come up with your own methods and see how you can make the spark go ablaze in the bedroom.…