How to Bring Back the Spark in the Bedroom?

You and your partner were once very active with your sex life but, somehow, the fire has simmered down. The change is getting to you and you want nothing more than to get that same feeling back.

If only you could bring the sexiness of the best strip clubs into your own bedroom, right? Did you know that this is not impossible to achieve?

Keeping the spark bright is essential for an exciting relationship day by day. It brings you and your partner closer together and keeps you both intimate with each other; like a magnet to metal. Seeing how important intimacy is, you need the best advice that you can get.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to keep the sexiness in the bedroom going.

Explore Your Fantasies

Sexiness in the bedroom is not only limited to the things that you are used to but also about what’s beyond your wildest imaginations. No matter how much you deny it, you always have a secret fantasy that you would want to explore. Talk it out with your partner because this may be the key to saving the dying spark in your sexual life.

Be Playful during Foreplay

Kissing and touching are not the only starters for the actual deed. There are other things that you can do if you only let your fantasies flow freely. Perhaps you can recreate the best strip clubs you’ve been to and play-pretend as a stripper. Give your partner a lap dance, a bit of a strip tease, or a sexy pole dance. On another note, you may actually go together as a couple to a strip club. Let the stripper on stage and the club’s atmosphere provide a steamy precursor to a long and sexy night in your bedroom.

Practice Spontaneity

Don’t miss out on the chances that you get your hands into. If you have the opportunity to be spontaneous in bed, use it to your advantage. The element of surprise is sure to fuel the dying fire in your sex life. It adds hotness to the act and gives you and your partner an equal opportunity to just give in to your feelings. Give in to the lust. Give in to the carnal desires you feel at the moment.

From turning your bedroom into your own mini strip club to taking your partner by surprise, the tips above are just your guide to the things you can do. Come up with your own methods and see how you can make the spark go ablaze in the bedroom.