From Nice to Naughty: The Five Types of Clients Escorts Meet

A lot of men are attracted to the idea of hiring female escorts Sydney has to offer—and for good reason.

With the conveniences of having someone to keep them company and even share intimate time with without the word commitment hanging on top of their heads like a noose, men can easily live out their deepest fantasies and wildest desires, all in the spirit of pure fun and nothing else.

But what exactly are the types of clients that escorts get to date and spend time with?

The Man with the Ring

This type of client is also known as Mr. Nice Guy, and it’s easy to know why.

He has a ring on his finger, after all, and he knows how to treat a woman well even if he’s paying for her services. He is all about a completely intimate experience where, more than sex, he also feels a sense of comfort from his escort.

Mr. Nice Guy is the client that a lot of female escorts Sydney offers dream of having because he makes sure that his escort is comfortable and will never force her to do anything that’s against her will.

The Man Who Takes Charge

This is Christian Grey personified. Mr. Dominant loves to take charge in bed and finds satisfaction in doing things that heat up what could be an ordinary sexual encounter.

Female escorts Sydney has to offer who love a good adventure would want to be booked by this type of client because he dictates the level of action in bed.

The Man Who Craves for More

This type of client is also known as Mr. One Night Stand all because he doesn’t usually stick with just one escort. He is always on the lookout for new and fresh girls and will not think twice in booking them whenever he can.

He is not the type to book a girl twice just because he was satisfied with her service. After his urge is satisfied, he loses interest in the girl and will want to move on to the next one.

Some men also do this to avoid emotional attachment to their escorts.

The Man Who Takes It Easy

If some men love to take charge in the bedroom, this type of client is all about letting his escort do the job. Mr. Submissive loves an escort who knows the art of BDSM, and he’s up for anything that his escort will want to try with him.

The Man Who Sticks to One

If Mr. One Night Stand can’t wait to get his hands on the newest girl in town, Mr. Regular is all about staying with one escort that he’s comfortable spending time with. This type of client is more than just about satisfying his sexual urges. He’s also looking for authentic companionship and a good professional relationship with his escorts.

Are you Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. One Night Stand, or Mr. Dominant? You may like it easy or rough, relaxing or intense. Whatever your preferences are, there is surely an escort for you.