Things to Do When Going to Strip Clubs for the First-time

“How to find strip clubs near me?” This is normally a common question for most blokes who have never gone to a gentlemen’s club before. Nevertheless, time will come when you’ll want to explore this sensual side of adulthood.

It is fine to feel nervous at first. You still have no clear picture of how you should act or what to do in an adult club. Furthermore, you do not know how much you are going to spend or how you will interact with strippers. Having heard a lot of bad things about these places will surely make you feel a bit panicky.  However, you mustn’t feel this way.

Strip clubs are places where you can behave maturely and even respectfully. Besides, you will most certainly have a lot of fun.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for this new experience.

Ask around and research

The internet is a modern convenience that you should take advantage of. Just type into Google or any search engine the phrase, “strip clubs near me” and you will find a complete list of all the nightclubs in town. This is much better than going directly to a local club without prior knowledge. Since the clubs listed online are operating legally, you will have the guarantee that you will not run into trouble when going there.

On the other hand, you can ask a few of your best mates for recommendations. Usually, they have an idea of where you must go. Bring them with you if you must. This new experience must be shared with your friends.

Bring enough cash with you

Once you spotted the perfect place to go, don’t forget to stash your wallet with enough cash for the entire night. Usually, $50 to $90 dollars are a decent amount to carry with you. This will be enough to cover expenses on cover charges, drinks, and dancers. However, you must remember that some clubs require you to buy drinks every 30 minutes or so. Since you could end up paying additional charges when withdrawing from a club’s ATM, bring more cash.

Beware of the rules

Touching the strippers and dancers could mean being booted out of the premises. In order to stay out of trouble, make sure that you ask about the rules and keep them in mind.

Never forget to tip the strippers

It is necessary to be generous and throw down at least a dollar or more when a girl performs on stage. Although you are not required to tip every stripper, you still have to buy drinks every once in a while or you will be asked to leave.

Know what a lap dance is

A typical lap dance costs $20 dollars or more. The price may not include additional fees for DJs and other add-ons. The cost will also be different for a private lap dance.

Going to a strip club for the first time might be nerve-wracking. However, you must not forget to relax and have fun throughout your visit. If you do feel nervous, just simply ask. Nothing’s wrong when you ask which things you can do and can’t do in a gentlemen’s club.